• Typical Innovado

    • Volume (DIN) 8 m3
    • Fully automatic feeding
    • Easy to programm

Standard equipment

- Folded framework to reach till 4.8 meter
- Safety switch folded while loading material
- The cutter provides straight silage faces that retain their structure and prevent heating
- The intake auger brings the material on the conveyor and is also used for bulk products
- Hydraulic feed slide
- Cross conveyor allows feeding to left and right
- Comprehensive scanning equipment for optimal safety
- Stainless steel mixing chamber (8 m3)
- Dual angers for optimal mixture and low power requirement


Technical data

Power source                         KW       55 
Volume (DIN)                          m3       8  
Dimensions (lxbxh)               cm        670x230x320 
Loading capacity                   kg         2.100
Max. height silage clamp     cm        480


Technical data

S = Standaard
O = Optioneel

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