General Information Amigo


Continuous flow of feed

The unique Schuitemaker-patented beater/rack combination guarantees the continuous flow of feed on the conveyer belt. The block works up against the rack rather than winds around the beaters, so the block falls apart into a loose feeding product. The special curve in the rack is for the continuous feed supply at the beaters. This also prevents the longer materials from winding around the beater. This combination of rack and beaters enables the quick and effective feeding round.


Feeding blocks and bales

Pre-cut blocks can easily be taken from the silage clamp by means of the hydraulic tailboard. The tailboard scoops the block. The tailboard subsequently puts the block at a 90-degree angle onto the hydraulically driven deck chain. This puts the block immediately in the right position for the beaters.


Aggressive distribution roller

The Amigo is fitted with an extremely aggressive, mechanically driven distribution roller. This makes the Amigo particularly suitable for processing uncut materials of any kind, blocks as well as bales.


Cutting version

The cutting version model (S) has been developed for processing poorly cut round and square bales in particular. The cutters of the S model can be mounted onto the distribution roller.



Using the hydraulically driven cross-conveyor, feed can be dispensed on either side. Optional is a continuously adjustable speed control via the flow control valve, with or without electrical operation.


Bulk loading

The Amigo can also carry bulk materials with the use of a silage grab or power shovel.


Extremely solid quality

The Amigo gives a good view of the tailboard from the tractor. The Amigo has an extremely solid steel body with the Schuitemaker panel construction. All panels have been treated with a resilient powder paint coating. The robust, solid construction guarantees many years of problem-free feeding.


Deck chain

The deck chain is hydraulically driven and is fitted with a return. The deck chain also has a continuously adjustable speed control.


Built-in option for weighing system

The Amigo 30S and 40S can be fitted with an electronic 3-point weighing device with a large display.


Other highlights

- All functions can be controlled from the tractor (optional)
- Drawbar with lower linkage
- Mechanically operated support leg
- Coupling shaft with slip coupling