General information Feedo


Low fuel consumption / No waiting time

The airy feed is mixed for a short while and given to the cattle in measured rations. Using the beaters, the forage is only mixed during the actual feeding process. This means that the PTO does not have to run for several minutes to mix the forage before the actual feeding occurs. Mixing during the feeding process means no waiting time, which result in a considerable saving on fuel over a 12-month period. The only power requirement is during the feeding process itself. There is no need for running the tractor motor while loading the feeder wagon and the feeding process can start immediately after loading.


Reliable and indestructible

The Feedo feeder wagon has a solid panel construction. The panel construction has first undergone a surface treatment and then been powder-coated. Together these treatments guarantee a long service life of the wagon. The Feedo 70 and larger models are standard fitted with a cage construction.


Weighing unit: Optimal feed composition to suit the animals

The Feedo can be fitted with a 6-point weighing unit. The weighing cells are mounted in the carrier tubes of the wagon body for accurate measurement results and the required composition of the ration. At the front of the wagon is a large and swivelling display showing the measurement results. This enables the optimal feed composition to suit the animals’ needs.


Side discharge conveyor: Optimal control of feeding speed

All Feedo models have an 80-cm wide side discharge conveyor. The side discharge conveyor can discharge from the front or from the back. This means that cows can be fed in any shape of barn, with an optimal view. The hydraulically driven conveyer belt can discharge on the left as well as on the right. A speed control can be supplied with the side discharge conveyor (optional). Since the beaters and the deck chain are mechanically driven and the side discharge conveyor is hydraulically driven, this allows the optimal coordination for the feed requirements. Speed control of the side discharge conveyor determines the quality of the mixture and the amount of feed. Front unloading wagons are fitted with a manually controlled tailgate.


Distribution rollers

The Feedo models come standard with two or more open and aggressive silage beaters. The beater diameter varies; therefore, the rotation speed of the beaters varies. This will guarantee an excellent distribution and mixture of the various types of forage. The beaters are mechanically driven via the PTO. The special Feedo feed distribution rollers ensure that feed is dispensed evenly and without loss of structure. The side discharge conveyor is used to discharge the machine either to the left or to the right. The machine can also discharge at the front or at the rear, whichever is required. An optional weighing unit is available to measure a precise ration.


Optional extras for optimal results

The Feedo is available with many optional extras and possibilities. A closed aggressive distribution roller with cutters is recommended for processing long materials. Furthermore, an extra mixing beater can be installed above the side belt for an even better mixed end result. In addition, the Feedo can be electrically/hydraulically operated from the tractor cabin using a very clear control box.


Everything as required!

Special Feedo construction options include: lowered construction, as boxes in spreader, suitable for stationary set-up, etc.


Options for the Feedo

• Continuously adjustable speed control for side discharge conveyor
• Folding supply belt to side discharge conveyor (+52-cm discharge height)
• Split side discharge conveyor to simultaneously discharge on the left and on the right-hand side
• Synthetic protective edge on the side panels
• Extra mixing beater above de side discharge conveyor
• Operation by means of Bowden cables
• Electro-hydraulic operation
• Bottom closed beater with cutters
• Weighing unit
• Lights