General information Innovado


The system

The S.i.S. process computer controls the system and is linked to a feed management programme (TMR Tracker). All rations, feeding frequencies and feeding times are shown in one conveniently arranged programme, allowing the dairy farmer to monitor the feeding efficiency after every feeding round.



The Innovado drives independently and is an autonomous vehicle. The path of the machine inside the barn is set out by way of transponders; outside the barn it is controlled by means of RTK-GPS. The routes can be easily programmed. Adjustment to your barn or dividing into groups is not a problem at all.


Cutting arm

Precision feeding through vertical feed loading. The mixing chamber is filled via the conveyor belt in the cutting arm. The maximum working height of the Innovado in the cutting process is 4.8 metres. Cuts without the loss of feed. Smooth silage face as result of vertical cutting movement. Always fresh feed, directly from the clamp silo.


Retaining the structure

Cutting and loading is by way of a unique silage cutting system. The loading system with a cutter (no milling cutter) is designed to retain the structure. The cutter prevents overheating of the feed during the process of loading in the clamp silo. Vertical mode of cutting gives a homogenous ration.


Intake auger

Automatic cleaning of the clamp silos. Feed losses are kept to an absolute minimum. The intake auger is capable taking in all kinds of by-products independently (brewer's grains, pressed pulp and bulk concentrates). No bunker systems or feed kitchens are required.


Liquid components and concentrates

The Innovado has a chute for liquid components and concentrates. With a wireless connection, the Innovado can be used to remotely control concentrate silos by loading dry and wet components as well as minerals.


Mixing chamber 

The mixing chamber with a capacity of 8 m3 has two vertical augers and a weighing system. Loading the various types of forage is done in the best possible sequence. The mixing process begins during loading to save on energy. A short mixing time results in an airy and well-mixed ration, while the structure is retained.



The Innovado then moves to the feeding group for which the ration is intended. A wireless connection automatically opens the doors to the barn. The Innovado calculates the feed distribution in kg/m to evenly distribute it along the entire length of the feed fence. The feed distribution will then start at the right spot and on the right side. The feed is taken to the feeding passage via the mixing chamber, the metering slide and the side discharge conveyor.



The Innovado has a hydraulically driven side discharge conveyor. The machine calculates the feed distribution in kg/m. Even feed distribution along the feed barrier. Forage can be discharged on either side of the machine. For that reason, it can also be used in a narrow feeding passage.


Feed pusher 

Forage is pushed forward during the feeding cycle. Feed pushing can also be done between the feeding cycles. The Innovado has two hydraulically folding feed pushers. That is to ensure the supply of fresh forage at the feed barrier. Feed supply, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 



The machine has sensors for continuously scanning the surrounding area (SiS Scanners). The Innovado detects any foreign objects in the path in a timely manner and, if this happens, the machine will stop immediately. The Innovado has also been fitted with extra safety bumpers all around (redundancy). Cutting takes place in a cordoned-off area (a no-go zone). And finally, the Innovado has been fitted with a manual emergency stop that can be activated from any side of the machine. The safety system runs independently from any other system and overrides any other system in the event of imminent danger.


Existing barn? Newly built barn? Not a problem!

The Innovado can be implemented in just about any type of barn. The only adjustment to an existing barn is the installation of a set of transponders. The Innovado can also be used for more than one barn at once. In other words, the machine can be used for dairy cows as well as in the young stock shed. The system is particularly suitable to fit in with the dairy farmer's future development plans without the need for massive capital expenditure for a feeding system.


Operational Programme East Netherlands

The development of the Innovado was made possible thanks to a subsidy from the Operational Programme (OP) East Netherlands.


Feeding with the Innovado: what are the benefits for you and your business?

• Straight from the silage clamp to the cow
• Maximum returns from your own roughage
• Very accurate feeding (up to 1 kg)
• Independent loading of any feeding products (bulk products as well as bales)
• Independent cleaning of the feeding silos through cleaning action
• Smooth silage face as result of vertical cutting movement
• The forage is cut out to retain the structure
• Very simple feeding several production groups: dry cows and young stock
• Feeding and feed supply several times a day
• Easy ways of changing routes and rations
• Higher feed efficiency stimulates a better minerals cycle (B.E.X.)
• Very efficient when used in combination with a milking robot; higher feeding frequency gives more activity
• Structural savings on labour and more flexible working hours.
• Savings on the cost of labour; no longer depending on external labour
• The Innovado always ensures that the right ration gets to the right place
• Savings on the cost of building is possible; no external feed kitchen is required
• No guide rails or power rails
• Fully automated feeding process; cutting, rationing and supplying
• Savings on the cost of machines; one machine takes care of the entire feeding process