Our unique Rapide Concept

Dual-purpose: Loader wagon and Silage wagon

The Schuitemaker Rapide is a genuine dual-purpose loader wagon and silage wagon. It means that the Rapide loader wagon can be used for harvesting and cutting all types of grass, as well as for transporting heavy silage products during maize forage chopping. Because the trailing pick-up folds entirely against the bottom of the wagon, it creates maximum ground clearance, which is a must for forage chopping on wet parcels of land. The robust, compact construction in combination with a galvanized and coated board profile makes the body strong, solid and durable. The compact construction and the placement of the undercarriage create the optimal weight distribution for the Rapide dual-purpose loader wagon, with always sufficient pressure on the tractor rear wheels.

The RAPID imports | An ideal combination



Trailing pick-up: best soil contour following and harvesting capacity

The trailing pick-up stands for the best following of the soil contours to guarantee perfect harvesting under any circumstances. The pick-up runs on a tandem runner wheel set to ensure a smooth run. While a scooping pick-up may stick in the soil of an irregular surface from time to time, the trailing pick-up will smoothly run over it and folds away if met by obstructions. This prevents unnecessary wear of the pick-up. Another advantage of the trailing pick-up is the more compacter wagon construction with the same capacity. The pick-up is not placed between the body and the tractor, but rather under the body, behind the intake.


Intake: Rotor and strippers 

The star-shaped rotor of the 100 and 1000 series models is 2 metres wide; the Rapide 55 has a 1.8 m wide rotor. The curved rotor tines are 20 mm wide. This is to ensure that crops of any kind are perfectly cut and loaded, even under the most difficult circumstances. The shape and placement of the strippers, the wide rotor channel and the sunken bottom facilitate transport into the wagon. The rotor and the drive line of the Rapide 1000 series are extra heavy duty to allow an even higher capacity.

Superior cutting quality

The cutting system of the Rapide loader wagon has up to 43 cutters with a guaranteed cutting length of 44 mm across all grass in the wagon. The standard, tree-part cutter bar is made of Hardox steel, which is known for its high wear resistance. The crop is cut using the scissor principle and the cutters are hydraulically kept under pressure. The pressure on the cutters can be set for each crop from the control box. This means that for light grass the pressure can be set lower, which prevents unnecessary wear of the cutters. The control box will show when the cutters are taken out of the working position. As an advantage, Schuitemaker cutters are sharpened on both sides; their position remains unchanged and keep cutting as usual if worn on one side (in contrast with curved cutters). All this not only results in excellent cutting quality of the various crops, but also in a longer economic life of the cutters.

High compression density, high capacity

The Schuitemaker Rapide is known for its high compression density; one of the highest among all dual-purpose and loader wagons. Such a high compression density is the result of pushing the crop along the slanted RapidStream front panel. This, in combination with the custom-built rotor with strippers, ensures that the grass is compressed inside the wagon. In other words, the wagon is able to carry more grass.



Ease of use

The Schuitemaker Rapide is a most user-friendly dual-purpose loader wagon. 

• The control box is conveniently placed and compact; quickly switching from loading to unloading and back is not a problem.
• The PTO support allows for easy coupling and uncoupling.
• Lines are colour-coded for identification and the hose storage is conveniently arranged to make them easy to connect.
• The cutters are easily accessible, therefore very quickly to change or turn around; no need to crawl underneath the wagon. Also handy is the storage    of spare cutters on either side of the wagon.

Compact construction

Thanks to its compact construction, the Rapide is highly manoeuvrable and ideal for use in the farmyard and on smaller plots of land. In spite of its short, compact construction, the Rapide dual-purpose loader wagon has a large loading capacity of 26 to 56 m3. The standard outside width of the Rapide is 2.55m and the inside width is 2.40m.


• Changing the pick-up tines and arms is easy through access via the open rear side of the pick-up.
• Few lubrication points to make a quick and easy job of applying grease.
• Closed oil bath containers require little maintenance.
• Very good access to the shearing bolt for the proportioning beaters drive; a broken bolt can be easily replaced, so the operations may continue within a short period of time.

• The driving chains of the beaters are automatically tightened for a maintenance-free season.

Operating system

Thanks to the simple joystick controls, the operator can implicitly use the system. For instance, he can keep an eye of the wagon and the sward while operating the Rapide. The position of the tailgate is shown by way of an angle sensor on the control box. The control box is also protected from incorrect operation to prevent any damage. In addition, the control box allows for setting timer events, such as for opening the tailgate. The electronic controls are ready for ISObus.

RapidStream front panel

In the normal position, the optional hydraulically operated RapidStream front panel takes care of better crop transport and in the open position it can be attached behind the forage cutter. In the event of the optional hydraulic operation, the RapidStream front panel is controlled from the control box.

Very rapid discharge

Independent tests (Profi, 10-2011) have shown that the Rapide dual-purpose loader wagon can reach a discharging speed of up to 23 metres a minute. The optimal oil flow (wide ¾” lines, little resistance and few couplings) gives a powerful hydraulic drive for the deck chains. The four deck chains have a combined tensile strength of 72 tons. The tailgate has a very large discharge angle to allow unobstructed unloading of the crops. Discharge of all types of crops is made quick and easy thanks to this combination of strength and speed.

Low fuel consumption

The required power is reduced by the RapidStream front panel, which takes care of perfect transport of the crops into the wagon. The bottom plate is also constructed on an angle rising up from the front for less resistance to the flow of crops. Other contributing factors to lower power consumption include the wider rotor tines and the shape of the strippers. The driven RapidFlow feed roller “sucks up” the grass and provides a smooth flow of crops.


The Rapide is an ideal dual-purpose loader wagon thanks to the very stable, steered chassis, among other things. The forced steering is integrated in the drawbar for excellent ground clearance. The steering system is also protected. A hydraulically suspended chassis is optional. The Rapide comes with 2 or 3 axles for heavy 18, 24 or 30-ton following steered or forced steered pendulum tandems. The Rapide 3-axle models come standard with a 40-ton hydraulically suspended chassis, 2 steering axles and the front axle is liftable.

Deck chain

The combination of choice of materials and box profiles makes the Rapide deck chains the strongest of their kind. The four deck chains have a combined tensile strength of 72 tons. Because the four deck chains have been pre-stressed, additional tensioning is not or hardly required.

Left or right-hand side discharge conveyor

Rapide loader wagons with a feeding function (also known as V-wagons) have an integrated left and/or right-hand side discharge conveyor in the tailgate. After loading the grass, feeding it to the cows has become a quick and easy job. Schuitemaker V-wagons come standard with 3 silage beaters.

NIR sensor for the Rapide

The Rapide can be fitted with an NIR sensor for determining the dry matter content. The NIR sensor measures exactly the yield for each load and parcel. The dry matter content of the loaded material is measured with the use of infrared technology. The measurement is performed by means of weighing cells between the undercarriage and the wagon body. The Rapide is also fitted with a weighing cell in the drawbar. The measurement data from the sensor are saved using Field Track & Trace and subsequently transmitted wireless via a modem with SIM card. Central registration of these details gives an insight into the yield per parcel and even within a parcel.