General information Siwa


Fast discharge

The new generation of Schuitemaker silage wagons comes standard with a mechanical deck chain drive. Many years of experience in combination with the latest drive techniques have made the new mechanical drive to the way of discharging of the future. That is because the entirely new drive guarantees a short unloading time for silage wagons that was never seen before. That is because it takes less than 50 seconds to discharge a new Siwa 720W with two proportioning beaters and a capacity of 48m³grass silage. On top of that, the load can be evenly spread across the clamp if a drive-over silage clamp is being used. That means: not all the grass or maize on one big heap, but a neat blanket of grass or maize across the clamp. It does not take much of an effort for the person on the clamp to spread the grass, which leaves them plenty of time to compact the silage in an optimal fashion. That will improve the quality of the silage 


Made to do the hard work

The new silage wagons not only look tough and strong; they actually are very sturdy and made to do the hard work. That shows in everything. Take, for instance, the construction of the body. Immediately noticeable are the steel panels. In spite of a complete overhaul of the silage wagon, the well-known Schuitemaker panels have remained. That is because these panels form the base of the body and are therefore the backbone of the silage wagon. Unlike other manufacturers, Schuitemaker refrain from using sheet metal for the side panels, but use exclusively 1.5 mm steel, which they roll in their own rolling mill. The panels boost the strength of the silage wagon and the cage construction makes it all but indestructible. Besides, we believe that a steel loading platform goes hand-in-hand with a professional and sturdy machine. We make no concessions in this respect. Choosing a Schuitemaker silage wagon means choosing reliability.


Comfortable on the road

Both the Schuitemaker Siwa 660 and the 720 are fitted with oscillating tandem axles with the unique Schuitemaker STEADY DRIVE SYSTEM. Unlike most other brands, this system guarantees excellent driving behaviour, in the field, and particularly on the silage clamp. That is because today's tandem axles are mainly designed for road use, but not for driving and reversing on the silage clamp. COMFORTDRIVE EASYDRIVE always distributes the pressure across both axles and combines all great features in one tandem. What is more, independent tests have shown that, unlike other undercarriages, the oscillating tandem truly provides such advantages in practice.

The Siwa 780 and 840 come standard with a hydraulically sprung tridem chassis. 


Twist-Lock fitting: Solid and flexible

Known in the world of transport, the most reliable TWIST-LOCK fitting connects the body to the undercarriage of all Siwa silage wagons. Such a connection not only guarantees the solid fitting of the body but also provides more flexibility. It allows for the body to be replaced with another Schuitemaker implement, such as a slurry tank or a solid manure spreader.


Drawbar suspension: Optimal comDisselvering: Optimaal comfort

For better road holding, especially when fully loaded, all silage wagons are fitted with drawbar suspension. When taking speed humps on public roads or driving on uneven farmland, the drawbar immediately absorbs the shock for both the tractor and the driver. The Siwa 660 and 720 come standard with a rubber drawbar suspension; a deluxe hydraulic variety is optional. The Siwa 780 and 840 come standard with a hydraulically sprung drawbar


Backdoor: Every space for the crops during discharge

As with all Schuitemaker Rapide loader wagons, the tailgate of the silage wagon can be opened very wide - as much as 90°. That gives the crops ample room during discharge. The sideboards at the back also continue further than the deck chain to keep the crops longer in free fall. As a result, the Siwa spreads crops far more evenly than most other wagons, even without proportioning beaters.


Extra capacity

Easily increase the volume of the silage wagon by mounting a 30-cm yellow top-piece. The top-piece fits all around the wagon body (full enclosure). An optional extended tailgate is also available.
It is also possible to fit a hydraulically controlled gate valve in the front board. This allows the front of the tractor to be opened so that the tractor can follow the forage cutter without problems.


Liftaxle: more downward pressure and no unnecessary wear of the tires:

The Siwa 780 and 840 come standard with a hydraulically sprung tridem undercarriage. This will also allow the front axle to be raised. This will create more downward pressure and, under difficult circumstances, the weight can be better transferred to the tractor rear wheels. Raise the lift axle of a fully loaded silage wagon to easily enter the silage clamp. It also prevents unnecessary wear of the tires of an empty silage wagon.


Safety package

“To see and to be seen”, that is important, certainly with the ever growing and faster moving traffic in rural areas. This is also true in the case of silage wagons, which are increasingly present among other traffic on public roads. All the more reason for Schuitemaker to fit all their silage wagons with a Safety Package, including LED side lights and reflective strips on the tailgate and mudguards.


Mechanical wheel drive

The 4-wheel mechanically driven Siwa silage wagon has been especially developed for extremely wet and difficult circumstances. The Siwa is driven with the PTO to the transmission below the frame. From this point, a drive line runs to the front axle. From the front axle, a drive shaft runs to the second axle. The driven Siwa comes standard with a hydraulically sprung tandem or tridem axle.