• Typical Exacta 84

    • Working width 8,40 meter
    • 42 gap manure-dose distributor
    • 3-point connection

Standard equipment

- Fixed frame carrier, on which the elements are mounted in “track‐following” way
- Hydraulically operated hinged side arms with hydr locking system, in one time (un)folding
- Hard‐wearing discs with unique and strong bearing construction
- Perfect ground pressure on every element by mechanical spring ( can be changed in 3 positions)
- Frame and elements ared powdercoated, cilinders and springs are galvanised.
- Stable discs and elements for difficult circumstances
- Vogelasang manure‐dose ‐distributor, improved cutting quality of the exchangeable cutting knives.
Triangle beam with big outlet. One‐row discharge for precision dosage.
- Incl. 5” SBR‐slurryhose
- Hoses to elements diameter 50mm
- 3‐ Point connection (Cat. 2/3 and 3/3 distance = 875 /1010mm; bolts 32mm
(top) 37mm (beneath)) ‐ Slurry hose closing system by working of 6 double working cylinders
- Slurry spout and slurry hose are produced out of one part, with an inside diameter of 60 mm
- Step to distributor
- Bumper with roadlights (12 volt) and safety plate
- Incl. support frame for winterstorage


Technical data

Working width                                       cm      840
Distance between discs                       mm    200
Total number of discs                                      42
Total number of elements                              21
Slit width                                                mm     22
Transportwidth                                      cm      295
Transportheight                                     cm      400




Technical data

S = Standaard
O = Optioneel

Working width
840 cm
Disc spacing
200 mm
Number of discs
Number of elements
Disc thickness, slot width
22 mm
Transport width
295 cm
Transport height
400 cm
Lighting (12 Volts)
LED lighting
Lighting for 24V (instead of 12V)
Building options
Quick switch connection injector side

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