General information SMS en Calypso


True all-rounder

The SMS and Calypso are true all-rounders with more capacity and universal use (can also be used for spreading lime and chicken manure). The photograph shows straw being spread on the field.
• Farmyard manure
• Chicken manure
• Compost
• Lime
• Etc.



• Robust, galvanized and painted lower frame
• Strengthened sideboards, and the top edge from box profile
• Steel bottom (SMS 70 and Calypso)
• Extra heavy-duty deck chain with hydraulic drive
• More than 95 years of experience in manure spreaders
• Developed and produced for a long service life


Vertical or horizontal manure spreading

The Schuitemaker manure spreader has either horizontal "SMS" or vertical "Calypso" beaters.


Deck chains

The extra heavy-duty deck chains are hydraulically driven and fitted with either two (SMS) or four (Calypso) strings with a return option. Set the speed using the continuously adjustable speed control. Tighten the deck chain using the mechanical deck chain tensioner. Manufactured for a long service life and intensive use.



The sophisticated beater construction gives the Calypso a wide spreading range but with fine and even distribution.


More than 95 years of experience

Schuitemaker started manufacturing manure spreaders more than 95 years ago. The 1950s saw the introduction of the well-known and patented SMS 3000. More than 25,000 machines of this model alone have been manufactured and sold. After many years of experience and continuous innovations, the SMS is still a high-quality product even today.