Pump tank wagon - Robusta

Robusta tank wagons are available for manure and transport purposes. The Robusta tank wagons are available in single, tandem, three and four-axle models. The tanks come standard with a rotary piston pump in combination with a cutting filter for the pump. All tanks come standard with complete equipment. On top of that, various other extras are available.


All the Robusta tank wagons are fitted with an 8-position reduction gear unit. Robusta model 130 and higher can be fitted with a continuously variable hydrostatic pump drive mechanism.


The Robusta 100 and 120 are the smallest of the range and come standard with a hydraulically braked single axle. Air brakes are also available (optional). These tanks can also hold a number of optional extras, such as a vertical 8'' slurry arm.


The Robusta 130 and 160 tanks are fitted with a variable track width axle. These single-axle wagons also come standard with hydraulic brakes.


The Robusta 155 and 190 are tandem-axle tanks that have the galvanized body integrated in the chassis. These tanks come standard with a boogie suspend following steered tandem. 


The Robusta 145 and 165 come with a hydraulical suspended tandem with forced steering. The front axle is also available as a sliding axle (optional).


The Robusta 205 series (205 / 225 / 275) also comes standard with a hydraulical suspended tandem, but is electrical steered. 


And finally, the Robusta transport tanks are also part of the range. These are available with a capacity of 34 and 37 m3 and Schuitemaker build the tanks based on customer specifications.


In short: all the Robusta tanks in the range come fully equipped and are available with a capacity of 10 to 37 m3.


More information about the Robusta? 

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