The history of Schuitemaker goes back to 1919, when the brothers Johan and Hendrik Schuitemaker exchanged a piece of land at the local notary in 'Het Veer,' near Rijssen. The location of the workshop was the official start of their company.
For the brothers, this marked the official start of their company. Johan was a wheelwright by trade and Hendrik was a wheelwright by trade. This business later grew into a smithy, wheelwright, sawmill and agricultural vehicle trade. The start of a career in the agricultural sector.

Especially after the Second World War, new agriculture and machines arise on the market. In 1950 Schuitemaker produced the manure spreader, which became a great success for the brand in those years. Later on, Schuitemaker will also specialize in slurry techniques.

In order to support wages and livestock farmers during the work, and to ensure that machines can be used as flexibly as possible, a better dual-purpose wagon was deployed in 1986: De Schuitemaker Rapide. Grass can be picked up and cut with this, but serve as a silage wagon as well. Today, the Rapide is still a household name in the market, and a result of our heart and eye for contract work. It is sure that we have the 'Master your Forage' feeling.

In addition to the forage harvesting sector, Schuitemaker has also been active in the Dutch market for winter solutions since 2007. At the time, we became an importer of the Danish Epoke brand for slipperiness control, such as spreaders and snow plows.

Schuitemaker celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019. A proud company that develops high-quality machines and supplies them worldwide to the agricultural sector and road authorities in the Netherlands. In the same year, Schuitemaker merged with Veenhuis from Raalte. Both brands are located in Rijssen, under the name SVgroup. The SVgroupt develops, produces and combines the strengths and experience of the two brands of premium machines in the field of forage recovery and manure application. Within the SVgroup, Schuitemaker focuses on forage harvesting and feeding, where Veenhuis offers solutions in slurry techniques. Together with our dealers, we work on mastery every day to optimally serve contractors and livestock farmers.