Forage harvesting

'Qualitative and proven forage harvesting with Schuitemaker's machines, today and tomorrow'.

As a contractor and livestock farmer, you want to be able to rely on your machines at the moments that matter. Essential periods during the growing season are the harvest of grass and maize. These crops must be harvest and fed at the right time. Healthy silage ensures a better milk yield and healthier animals, which is essential for your business.

Due to the increasing pressure on the sector and permanent changes, standing still is not an option. We continuously improve and innovate our machines, so that you as a contractor or livestock farmer are always assured of the most optimal ease of use and the best silage quality. For forage harvesting, Schuitemaker produces silage wagons and dual-purpose loading wagons that guarantee continous quality. 

Click below for more information about the Siwa silage wagons and Rapide loading wagons.

Siwa - Silage wagon

Rapide 10 series - Dual purpose wagon



Rapide 100 series - Dual purpose wagon

Rapide 1000 series - Dual purpose wagon


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