Rapide 100 series - Dual purpose wagon

'The world's first dual purpose wagon, proven efficiency for more than 35 years'

In 1986 Schuitemaker launched the world's first dual purpose wagon. From that moment on, contractors only had to use one wagon for both maize and grass harvests. Efficiently deployable throughout the harvesting season with just one smart investment. The build quality, capacity, ease of use and hight cutting quality are characteristics of the Schuitemaker Rapide. The Rapide dual purpose wagons are nowadays indispensable tools for the professional livestock farmer or contractor.

Our unique Rapide concept

The Schuitemaker Rapide is equipped as standard with a towing pick-up, which is positioned under the car. This ensures a more compact construction and there is maximum ground clearance for silage- and field work. The towing pick-up with a width of 2.00m, runs smoothly over bumps and folds away at obstacles. This ensures optimum ground following of the pick-up.

Thanks to the hydraulically movable Rapid Stream front plate, the wagon can be placed in different harvesting positions during the maize or grass harvest. The Rapid Release system is a function that ensures that the cargo is emptied quickly and completely, without leaving a residual crop column behind. The Rapide Stream and Rapid Release system are optional on the Rapide 100 series. Thanks to a door in the front panel, the wagon is accessible for maintenance and inspection.

Schuitemaker's unique trailing pick-up concept ensures optimum crop flow and maximum ground clearance.

The Rapide's moveable Rapid Stream front plate are optional on the 100 series and ensures an ideal harvesting position during the maize harvest.


With the Schuitemaker star-shaped power rotor, crop processing is smoother, even in the toughest conditions. This ensures minimum power requirement and results in low fuel consumption. The rotor puts less pressure on the front wall and has a long durability. All this, of course, in combination with the cutting quality you can expect from a Schuitemaker.

The Schuitemaker Rapide 100 and 1000 series are equipped with the Schuitemaker DoubleTouch Control terminal. The unique combination of solid joysticks and a 7'' touchscreen give the driver full concentration on the environment and the loading process. The clear structure of the screen and the compactness ensure that the driver can fully focus on the work. The intelligent software of the DoubleTouch Control terminal offers the possibility to personalize setups. Thanks to visual feedback, the driver can see everything he needs to know on the display. In addition, the terminal is protected against error operation. The interface is connectable with ISOBUS and retrofitable with all existing Rapide 100 and 1000 models from 2020 onwards.

The star-shaped power rotor has an optimized tooth shape. As a result, less pressure is exerted on the front wall of the carriage, resulting in a long life of the carriage. 

The clear DoubleTouch Control terminal consists of a 7'' screen in combination with joysticks. This promotes ease of use and makes it accessible to every driver.


The Rapide is available without dosing rollers (S) or with dosing rollers (W). The Rapide 100 series can also be equipped with a cross conveyor belt (V), which makes the wagon suitable for feeding fresh grass.


Technical specifications


Rapide 100-series

580 (22,5)
580 (26,5)
Dual purpose wagon     Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Capacity DIN   m3 34 38 35 38 42 39 54 60
Dimensions Length cm 807 867 873 867 947 953 1063 1123
  Width cm 286 286 286 291 291 291 299 299
  Height cm 382 382 362 400 400 379 400 400
Box dimensions Length cm 608 668 674 668 748 754 865 925
  Width cm 234 234 234 234 234 234 234 234
  Height cm 240 240 219 240 240 219 260 260
Pick-up width   cm 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200
Cutting length   cm 4,4 4,4 4,4 4,4 4,4 4,4 4,4 4,4
Track width   cm 210 210 210 200 200 200 200 200
Tandem   tons 24 24 24 24 30 30 24 -
Tridem   tons - - - - - - - 30
Tyre height max.   cm 123 123 123 137 137 137 123 123
Tyres standard     BKT 710/40 R22,5 BKT 710/40 R22,5 BKT 710/40 R22,5 BKT 800/45 R26,5 BKT 800/45 R26,5 BKT 800/45 R26,5 BKT 710/45 R22,5 BKT 710/45 R22,5

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Watch the Meet the Masters video about contractor Aernouts from Loenhout in Belgium. This company owns a number of Schuitemaker Rapides, and in this video they tell more about the user experiences during forage harvesting.