About the SVgroup

Master your Forage, Manure & Mobility

SVgroup arose in 2019 from the company merger between Schuitemaker and Veenhuis.

The SVgroup supplies products and services to companies and institutions in the agricultural sector and Dutch road infrastructure. By supplying reliable machines that are easy to maintain, in combination with rock-solid service, we enable our customers to perform to the maximum at those moments that matter.  Whether these are contract workers who want to process as much grass as possible in a short period of time, arable and livestock farmers who spread manure during the season or road managers in sudden winter conditions. SVgroup ensures that our customers, regardless of the circumstances, control their work process in order to be able to deliver reliable and continuous quality work.  



The SVgroup develops, designs, manufactures and sells its products under the brands Schuitemaker and Veenhuis; two strong brands with a rich heritage and an international customer base.


With the Schuitemaker brand, we offer a wide range of professional agricultural machinery for forage harvesting and feeding for the agricultural contractor and modern livestock farmer. Schuitemaker's agricultural product solutions are distinguished by the well thought-out compact construction concept, solid construction quality, high ease of operation and maintenance, long-term deployability and low-cost-of-ownership.


Veenhuis is our brand for manure systems that allow arable and livestock farmers to benefit from organic manure and its nutrients. Innovation, high quality construction and real-time information availability characterise the Veenhuis products. Validation, the correct use and application of manure are central in today's manure applications. Based on years of knowledge and expertise in the strictly regulated Dutch manure environment, which leads the world.

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About Wadinko

Wadinko N.V. is a regional private equity company whose aim is to promote industry and employment in the Overijssel, NorthEast polder and Southwest Drenthe regions of the Netherlands. The company’s underlying principle is to support new or existing companies with potential through long-term participation. This participation involves the injection of risk-bearing capital, know-how and management support and networks. The companies in which Wadinko participates have full development opportunities and growth potential. Through expanding profitable business these companies offer an important contribution in stimulating the regional economical infrastructure.


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