For 100 years, Schuitemaker has been manufacturing and selling professional equipment for agricultural use, such as fodder production, feeding and manure spreading. In addition, Schuitemaker offers a total package of winter service solutions; from salt spreaders to snowploughs and from storage sheds to salt spreading management systems. Many years of experience in combination with a very strong image have given Schuitemaker a leading role in the agricultural as well as in the public sector. In both sectors, Schuitemaker has managed to retain and expand their position through listening to the needs of customers, early observation of future needs, and keeping up with technological developments. Schuitemaker Machines was established in 1919.

The strength of all the Schuitemaker products is simplicity and the user-friendliness in particular. Service, safety and durability are the key principles in that respect. Schuitemaker machines are being sold all over the world. Schuitemaker Industrial is focused on winter service solutions for the domestic market in particular. What’s more, both companies can always count on the support of an experienced and professional after-sales team.

  • Forage harvesting

    For more than 30 years, Schuitemaker has been marketing the Rapide dual-purpose loader wagon. An absolute top-of-the-range dual-purpose wagon in terms of quality and performance. New developments have made the Rapide even more compact and efficient, with technical improvements in some key areas.

  • Feeding

    Here you will find more information about the forage feeders (Amigo, Feedo) end Innovado, the fully automated feeding system from Schuitemaker.

  • Manure

    More than 65 years ago, Schuitemaker started building manure spreaders for processing solid manure. In the 1950s, Schuitemaker launched the well-known SMS- 3000, which was patented in five countries. Since those days, Schuitemaker substantially extended their range of products in the area of manure processing, offering the right machine for any application and circumstances.

  • Transport technique

    On difficult and soggy terrain, a tractor with a tipping trailer is the best solution when it comes to transporting soil, debris and agricultural products. Where trucks get stuck in the mud, tractors with tipping trailers carry on. With speeds the modern tractors can reach, they often match other methods of transport on sealed roads. The Subliem sand tipper is a reliable, multifunctional tipping trailer, especially designed for transporting a large range of products and large volumes.

  • Industrial semifinished products

    The Schuitemaker production line has a number of production resources. This allows Schuitemaker to also offer a complete service package to others. For instance, the company supplied industrial products and semi-finished products to a number of countries for military equipment, the transport sector and flue gas cleaning, among other things.