Our farming solutions

Thanks to a very dedicated and passionate distribution network of dealers and importers, Schuitemaker agricultural machines are sold to customers all over the world. So, don't be surprised to see Schuitemaker machines operating in Australia, or in North America, or in Scandinavia. Product developments will never come to an end. What's more, the current agricultural sector is rapidly changing and puts ever more pressure on finding solutions for topical problems. That is the reason why innovation is an important principle in the development of any new Schuitemaker machine. A well-trained and experienced construction team is working today on tomorrow's machines.

Once upon a time it all began with the much vaunted Schuitemaker manure spreader. Today, our agricultural machines have become part of a very wide range of professional equipment for the modern dairy farmer and contractor. And yet, all our current products still have one thing in common with the very first farming equipment from those days: they have been developed to provide our customers with a solution; a solution that makes them enjoy their work and increases their efficiency.

Schuitemaker farm machinery can be a solution in the form of a:

Loader wagons                                       
Silage wagons      
Block wagon
Feeder wagon
Automated feeding
Vacuum slurry tanker
Pump tank wagon
Grassland injector
Manure spreader
Broadcast spreader
Compost wagon