Siwa - Silage wagons

'The essential link during forage harvesting since 1964'

Schuitemaker offers silage wagons under the name Siwa, available with a capacity range from 38m3 to 58m3 (DIN) max.. The Siwa is designed to support you as a contractor during heavy work, so that customers can be optimally served regardless of the circumstances. More loading volume, faster unloading and optimal transport during the grass and maize harvest.

The strong Siwa concept

Unique to the Siwa are the strong side panels, compact construction, large capacity and the ability to unload quickly and accurately. The floor chain has a high tensile strength, which means that the silage can be unloaded very quickly. Thanks to the fast unloading, you as a contractor are quickly ready for the next cargo. Dosing rollers in the back ensure that the silage can be unloaded faster but also more evenly over the silage pit. With the Siwa silage wagon, an optimal silage result is guaranteed. The wagon can be equipped with options according to your wishes. 

Schuitemaker's unique profiled steel plates ensure a very strong cage construction. This guarantees a long and intensive use life of the wagon.

The floor chain of the Siwa has a high tensile strength, which means that the crop can be unloaded quickly.


Useable under all conditions

Optionally, the Siwa can also be designed as a tipping variant. The advantage of this is that it is easier to drive in reverse during the harvest, and the drive can look underneath the cargo. This provides a good view of the forage harvester and less silage is spilled. Another advantage is that it is possible to unload more quickly at silage pits. 

There is also a four-wheel drive silage wagon, which is suitable for the most extremely wet and difficult conditions. The four-wheel drive also assists in driving up and down the pit.

There is also a tipping variant of the Siwa which has 2 hydraulic cylinders.

The four-wheel drive is ideal for the most extremely wet and difficult conditions.


Technical specifications


Siwa 100-series

660 S/W
720 S/W
780 S/W
840 S/W
Capacity DIN   m3 38 42 45 48
Capacity (DIN) max   m3 44 48 51 54
Capacity (DIN) extended backdoor   m3 - 51,5 54,5 57,5
Permissible total weight   kg 24.000 24.000 34.000 34.000
Dimensions Length cm 913 973 1033 1093
  Width cm 291 291 299 299
  Height cm 370 370 370 370
Box dimensions Length cm 737 797 857 917
  Width cm 240 240 240 240
  Height cm 210 210 210 210
Chain floor drive     Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
Number of dosing rollers     0(S) / 2(W) 0(S) / 2(W) 0(S) / 2(W) 0(S) / 2(W)
Track width   cm 215 215 223 223
Tandem   tons 30 30    
Tridem   tons     40 40
Tyres standard     BKT 710/50 R26,5 BKT 710/50 R26,5 BKT 710/50 R26,5 BKT 710/50 R26,5
Tyres height max.   cm 1520 1520 1520 1520


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Watch the Meet the Masters video about contractor Schoemacher from Itterbeck in Germany. They tell about the Schuitemaker Siwa wagons that they use during the maize harvest.