Rapide 10 series - Dual purpose wagon

'The perfect all-rounder for the modern farmers'

The Rapide 10 series is the smallest in its segment, but in terms of performance it is not inferior to its bigger brothers. The wagon is equipped with a star shaped rotor and has a pick-up width of 1.80m. As standard, the wagon is equipped with an 18-tonne non-steered pendulum tandem and is braked on 4 wheels.

Our unique Rapide Concept

The Schuitemaker Rapide is equipped as standard with a towing pick-up, which is positioned under the wagon. This ensures a more compact construction and there is maximum ground clearance for silage and field work. The towing pick-up with a width of 1.80m runs smoothly over bumps and folds away at obstacles. This ensures optimum ground following.

With the Schuitemaker star-shaped power rotor, crop processing is smoother, even in the toughest conditions. This ensures minimum power requirement and results in lower fuel consumption. The rotor puts less pressure on the front wall and has a long service life. All this, of course, in combination with the cutting quality you would expect from a Schuitemaker machine.

The Schuitemaker towing pick-up ensures optimum crop flow and maximum ground clearance.

The star-shaped rotor has an optimal tooth shape and ensures a long service life.


'A wagon with mulitple purposes'

The smallest Rapide is also a dual-purpose wagon, which means that it is suitable both as loader cutting wagon, but also as a silage wagon during the maize harvest for example. The wagon is built strong enough for this. The Rapide 10 series is available as a standard version without dosing rollers (S), with dosing rollers (W) and with cross conveyor belt (V).

The Rapide 10 series can be equipped with dosing rollers (W) that ensure that the silage is unloaded and divided evenly over the pit.

The wagon is suitable for multiple purposes such as feeding, collecting and cutting grass, and transporting silage.



Technical specifications


Rapide 10 series

Dual purpose wagon     Yes Yes No No
Capacity DIN, standard   m3 27 33 41 46
Dimensions Length cm 829 929 995 1095
  Width cm 250 250 250 250
  Height cm 334 334 365 365
Box dimensions Length cm 626 726 793 893
  Width cm 220 220 220 220
  Height cm 206 206 216 216
Pick-up width   m 1,80 1,80 1,80 1,80
Cutting length   cm 4,4 4,4 4,4 4,4
Track width   mm 1900 1900 2000 2000
Tandem   tons 18 18 20 20
Tyres height max.   cm 117 117 117 117


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