New Managing Director Schuitemaker

- 15 februari 2019

In November 2018 we have announced, that Wadinko N.V. acquired a substantial financial participation in Schuitemaker. Wadinko is a regional private equity company whose aim is to promote industry and employment in the Overijssel, Noordoostpolder and Zuidwest Drenthe regions of the Netherlands. The company’s underlying principle is to support new or existing companies with potential through long-term participation. This participation involves the injectionof risk-bearing capital, know-how and management support.

In line with this participation, as of 1 February Gerrit de Graaf started as Managing Director at Schuitemaker. In this position he is responsible for the companies Schuitemaker Machines B.V. and Schuitemaker Industrial B.V.

With the participation of Wadinko and the recent appointment of Gerrit de Graaf, Schuitemaker has an excellent starting position and a healthy future perspective, in order to further shape its ambition.

"The product portfolio, the strong brand, the organization and the people within the Schuitemaker team are strong assets for this ambition" says Gerrit de Graaf.