Rapide 8400 Plus; high operating comfort, less ground pressure

- 22 februari 2018

For more than 30 years, Schuitemaker is known for its dual-purpose loader wagon, the Rapide. Thanks to their specific characteristics and reliability, these Rapide loader wagons are classed in the top segment of the market.

With the arrival of the Rapide 8400 Plus, Schuitemaker is launching a new dual-purpose loader wagon with an overall capacity of 48m³.

The wagon is standard fitted with BKT 750/60 R26.5 FL630 Super tyres. This tyre stands 157 cm tall. Optionally, different sizes and brands of tyres are available up to 162 cm in diameter and up to 85 cm in width.
The advantage of the larger tyres and the optional tyre pressure control system (axles are standard prepared for this) is the preservation of the soil structure due to less ground compaction.
The reduction of soil pressure is important during the maize and grass harvest as it is often necessary to harvest on wet, barely passable terrain.

The Rapide 8400 Plus comes standard with a 40-ton hydraulically sprung, electric-hydraulically steered BPW tridem. This provides the wagon with an excellent road-holding ability. Ideal for long-distance transport, which is commonplace today.

Operating the new, simple touch screen is done from the tractor cabin. In 2016, Schuitemaker introduced this screen for the Rapide 100 and 1000 series. Operating the wagon via ISOBUS is also possible. Furthermore, this wagon is standard fitted with a       hydraulic front board (ideal for clearing a maize parcel) and a hydraulic pressure filter. As  an optional extra, the wagon can be fitted with an NIR sensor system for real-time dry matter measurements, grass composition and a weighing system.