Schuitemaker is launching the NEW Rapide dual-purpose loaderwagons in Hanover

- 16 oktober 2019

Schuitemaker is launching the new Rapide dual-purpose loader wagons at the AGRITECHNICA 2019 in Hanover Germany; strong, reliable and always deployable during busy harvesting seasons. And now even  faster and more economical in the daily use of the contractor.

Of course, the new Rapide has the well-known Schuitemaker Trailing pick-up (incl. the standard equipped swivel wheels for better guidance and soil protection). Schuitemaker's proven distinctive pick-up system  ensures the best following of the soil contours and maximum clearance under the wagon in combination with a smooth and, above all, clean crop flow during the pick-up process.

Because time means money for every contracter, certainly at harvest season, Schuitemaker has further developed the Rapide loader wagon so that the grass can be brought in quickly and efficiently while maintaining a consistently high cutting quality.

Thanks to the new Schuitemaker PowerRotor, the powerline and cutting system are running more smoothly    than ever,  even in the toughest grass conditions. We are also introducing the new Schuitemaker Autoload system; fully automatic loading so that even for the more inexperienced drivers this process goes easy and fast.

Unique in the market is the new patented Schuitemaker Rapid Release front board (standard on the 1000 series). With this, the full wagon can be unloaded quickly and completely in one smooth movement, so that    the next loading and unloading run can also take place in an optimal way.

The new Rapide from Schuitemaker


Visit Schuitemaker Veenhuis Group at the AGRITECHNICA 2019 Hanover Germany | Hall 27 | Booth A 40 and discover the new Schuitemaker Rapide dual-purpose loaderwagon.