Amigo - Block dosing wagon

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The Schuitemaker Amigo is a very solid block wagon and bale dosing wagon, and is very suitable for feeding silage and maize blocks and loose products. 

The wagon is equipped with a hydraulic tailgate at the rear, which can scoop pre-cut blocks from the pit easily into the box. The Amigo can also be loaded with a shovel or silage grab. The feed goes through the floor chain to the milling roller, which can optionally be equipped with cutters for an even better cutting result. The block or bale is properly milled apart and this creates a nice loose feed product on the conveyor belt. The Amigo is extremely suitable for fast, affordable and effective feeding.

The hydraulic tailgate ensures that bales and pre-cut silage blocks can be easily scooped up.

The milling roller can be equipped with cutters and ensures a nice, loosely cut feed product on the belt.


Technical specifications



Capacity DIN, max. m3 3,5 5 7
Loading volume kg 2000 3000 4000
Box dimensions (lxbxh) cm 194x190x90 274x200x90 354x200x120
Overall dimensions (lxbxh) cm 377x230x190 503x230x223 566x230x223
Tyre-size   6x9-10pr 10x15-14pr 10x15-14pr
Discharge height cm 47 70 70
Oil-flow requirement l/min 25 25 25
Oil-pressure requirement bar 150 150 150
Empty weight kg 1460 1750 2000


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