Compost and mulch wagon - Cowa

For mushroom growers Schuitemaker has developed a special series of compost and mulch wagons, the COWA models, which can also be used as a transport wagon and dispenser. Custom-built wagons can be supplied to suit the individual user.


All models come with a robust chassis, an all-steel body with strengthened side panels in a cage construction and a single axle. Each compost/mulch wagon has a special, heavy deck chain with continuously adjustable speed control.


The Cowa 50 (8 m3 DIN capacity) and Cowa 80 (13 m3 DIN capacity) come standard with an unbraked single axle. The Cowa 100, with a DIN capacity of 15 m3, has a standard brake single axle. These compost/mulch wagons come standard with a hydraulic drive. An electric/hydraulic drive is also available (optional). 


The Cowa 140 and higher models come standard with a hydraulically braked single axle. These machines come standard with an electric/hydraulic drive. 


In addition, all models are available with a stainless-steel bottom and a fabric roof (optional).



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