General information Subliem

Extremely solid construction

The construction of the Subliem sand tipper is extremely solid. Its heavy frame and the robust body make the tipping trailer fit to work under the most difficult conditions. Only high-grade steel has been used, such as Hardox 400 for the S models. The Subliem sand tipper can carry a heavy load and be pulled by the biggest, heaviest tractors through any terrain without faltering. Thanks to its very strong construction, the tipping trailer can be assured of a long service life.



The Subliem is a tipping trailer with many uses. First and foremost, the tipping trailer is made for carrying sand and clay, of course. Because of its robust construction, it is also very suitable for transporting debris, manure and other heavy materials. With its fully closed body, the wagon can also carry mud and sludge. In combination with the optional grain slide in the tailgate the Subliem can be of great use during the grain harvest.

The tipping trailer can also be fitted with silage partitions to considerably increase its capacity. In this way, the superb sand tipper can even be used during maize harvesting.


Hydraulic backdoor

The hydraulic backdoor gives a very large opening angle. This is required for transporting large pieces of rubble and big rocks. Thanks to the wide opening, these materials can easily slide from the tray without getting stuck. Another great advantage: the body can be tipped while the backdoor remains closed. The trailer can be tilted just a little bit, which allows the driver to look underneath to see where he is going when driving in reverse; ideal for the less experienced operator.


Powerful lift cylinder

To assure successful tipping of a heavily loaded body, the Subliem sand tipper is fitted with a heavy-duty, powerful lift cylinder. The 5-stage cylinder has a large stroke to create a large tipping angle. The lift cylinder has also hose rupture protection to prevent any accidents as a result of a faulty hydraulic line. The tipping trailer has also a tipping stop.


Stable pendulum tandem

A pendulum tandem is a requirement for every sand tipper used in very difficult terrain. The pendulum tandem pulls lightly and provides good stability while tipping. A stable chassis is also desirable when transporting a heavy load on a sealed road, especially at the speed modern tractors can reach nowadays. Following or forced steering of the rear axle is optional.


Adjustable drawbar suspension

For better road holding, especially when fully loaded, all Subliem wagons are fitted with a drawbar suspension. When the road is full of bumps and potholes or when driving on uneven terrain, the drawbar immediately absorbs the shock for both the tractor and the driver. 


Slanted and elevated front board

The front board has been tilted forward to keep the Subliem sand tipper compact and give it plenty of volume at the same time. In this way, extra space is created in the body without the need for stretching the length of the tipping trailer. The front board is elevated for extra body space to also carry the last pile of sand or rubble that would have been left behind otherwise.